Is participation mandatory?

Participation is voluntary, but strongly encouraged.  Your TPDs have also been asked to help support your participation in this programme as needed.

Can I withdraw at any time?

Yes, participation in the VASIMULATION programme is entirely voluntary.  You may withdraw at any time without giving a reason.  If you do encounter any difficulties taking part, we would appreciate any feedback so that this can help improve things for the future.

Do I get any formal recognition that I have taken part?

Yes, a certificate will be provided for those to complete the programme (including course feedback). In addition, if you would like, a simulated PBA can be completed following Task Five.

What happens if I don’t receive my arterial model in the mail?

The timetable is designed to allow several days for new models to arrive prior to the start of the new task.  However if, on the day you are due to start, you have still not received your model, please contact

What happens if I am on holiday/night shift/too busy to complete one of the tasks?

If you know in advance you will not be able to complete one of the tasks in the allocated time, please let us know at so we can take this into account.  There is a “catch up week” in the middle of the programme (28/10/19 – 3/11/19) – this will hopefully allow time for those who had not managed to complete the preceding tasks to do so.  As this is a pilot study, your feedback on whether the time for each task was too long or short is invaluable.

What if I don’t understand how to perform one of the tasks or feel I need extra help?

The tutorial videos are designed to clearly talk you through each of the steps for each task.  If you are still having difficulty, there are several options for additional help and support – you can post a comment or query on the discussion board or contact the faculty via  Alternatively, you may want to ask your Educational Supervisor or another member of your local Vascular Team for advice or assistance.

Can I have an assistant while performing the tasks?

We appreciate that in theatre you would usually have an assistant while performing many of these procedures.  If you find it helpful, you may wish to recruit a passive assistant (ie: someone who will follow your instructions but not direct you in how to perform the task).  This may be one of your surgical colleagues, a friend, a housemate or even your mum.  You may also want to consider hosting a skills club if there are several ST3 vascular trainees in your deanery. 

Do I need to wear gloves when handling the models?

Yes. The models are hydrogel polymers.  However, some of the component chemicals in their pure form are have the potential to be harmful.  We therefore recommend wearing gloves at all times when handling the models – this also increases the realism for performing the tasks.