The videos below outline the recommended steps for each task.  It is advised that you watch the video at least once before attempting the task. 

The videos will remain online for the duration of the programme so feel free to access as many times as you need.

Task One – arteriotomy and patch plasty

Task Two and Five – end-to-side anastomosis

Task Three and Four – parachute end-to-side anastomosis

Recommended set up

Please always wear gloves when handling the models

The “subcutaneous tissue” platform should be fixed to a flat surface during the task.  We recommend using the double-sided sticky tape provided.

Please make sure the surface is suitable and will not be damaged.  

The pins are provided to keep the artery in place during the task. You should insert one pin inside either end of your artery and then through the sponge, as shown below. Gently remove at the end of each practice session and return your artery to its sealed packet.

If you encounter any difficulties – or have any better suggestions of how to set up your VASIM kit, please post on the discussion board or email

Getting the most out of your model

In order to maximise the number of times you can practice each task, we recommend using all four sides of your model.  Remember, you should record your FOURTH and final attempt at each task and upload via DropBox to receive feedback.

Please remember to keep your models sealed in the packet when you are not using them – they do shrink if exposed to the air for several days…